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I’ve also heard a few horror stories about these sites involving the usual internet skulduggery, but I guess I’d rather my pal make friends with fake Mormon people online than Russian gangsters.

I talked to several people, on ldsisngles, that did not even know what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day Saints was. After this email feedback to LDS Singles they told me more or less that it was my own doing..denied me access..."This is my second try as a premium subscriber. Both times I subscribed I noticed fake profiles/information: As when someone seem to just talks about themselves as if they didn't get my response. Also, as an improvement idea for you: please show removed profile pictures at least for a week so we remember who this was and we can go from there. Compared to other dating sites, yours look old and as if nothing is going on. Why don't you give it a face lift, make it fresh, make it inviting?

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It is a difficult task to find a man or a woman who’s from your own religious background but is also compatible with your preferences regarding their personality, their habits, or their physical appearance.

If you feel like you’re lost in the search for love or relationships, you should give LDSSingles a chance.

“If you move away from the mecca — Salt Lake City and Provo — it makes it difficult to find someone because there are less people who are L. During the event, he hid behind a white sheet while people who knew him described his accomplishments. Nettik said, the bachelor presented a Power Point outlining his reasons for being there. Nettik did not want to go on a follow-up date, saying that though she found the bachelor “nice and funny,” she did not feel a spark and thought the age difference would be a problem.

(She would not share details.)Each of the women received a Kate Spade necklace with a heart-shaped pendant and had five minutes of face time with the bachelor. “It felt like we were all a little bit younger than him,” Ms. “Some of the references he made were going over our heads.

Note: To get a refund of any purchases made through the LDS Singles i OS app, youll need to contact Apple Support at

If you have any questions about the removal of your account, please contact the LDS Singles Customer Service Team.

When asked ldssingles about this, I within 5 minutes got the followng e-mail; Customer Support (LDSSingles) 12/6/17 to me ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Customer S Customer Support (LDS Singles) Your LDS Singles profile has been removed due to suspicion of fraud and your purchase has been refunded.

You can view the LDS Singles Terms & Conditions of Services here

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