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Due to his lack of appearances, it is possible that Darnell died during one of the various battles at the school.

Darnell makes appearances in Darnell Plays with Fire and Pico vs. He also appears in various places on the site, such as the Audio Portal and the semi-permanent error message on the Magazine.

The game starts with Pico getting ready to leave for school, until he is interrupted by a voice claiming to be his son from the future. explains that if he doesn't get with Nene, that his existence will cease and, hence, he would be dead.

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She is often known for her sexual activities; her committing suicide is usually prompted by an outbreak of herpes.

In Pico's School, she begs Pico to end her life, which the player may or may not do.

i love all you games and i was wundering if u could plz do somthing for me i have no idea how to make games but i have lots of i ideas so if you ever have idea block (lol) plz send me a messgae im not try to be a spamer just asking so thx agen love ur games bu bye 4 nowz!!

Pico is a flash cartoon character created by Tom Fulp in 1999 for the game Pico's School.

His weapons of choice are automatic weapons, such as the Uzi and its variants (he's especially known for dual-wielding a pair of them) or the M16 Assault Rifle.

In games: Nene is an Asian girl, who first appeared in Nene Interactive Suicide in 1999.Although Pico Sim Date 3 is still in a beta version, its current status already shows many stuff which you will be able to enjoy in the full version. However get a base job, new knowledge, higher muscles, earn some money and few other activities you can to do already now. Darnell is an African-American who goes to Pico's school, and assists him during the various attacks the school randomly comes under.He is a pyromaniac, obsessed with fire and explosives.Pico 2 is listed on Mindchamber's website as one of his projects.

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