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Nick was the fourth player evicted from the season, placing 11th. He also dated Kristen Bitting, a House Guest from Big Brother 12. Nicholas Anton Starcevic (born March 5, 1982) is a former college American football player from Kimball, Minnesota and was once crowned MTV's "Spring Break King" while on vacation in Cancún.

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” Julie will name two events that took place this summer.

Question 3: Did Jameka say “I actually want my actions to be aligned with my words” before or after Nick shaved his head?

Carol hid her veto in between the mattresses of Dick’s bed.

Round 1: Mike 1, Dick 2, Daniele 4, Amber 7, Jen 12, Joe 13.

She will then give two choices of possible endings.

Question 4: Dustin said the most shocking moment in the house was when A) I was evicted or B) Amber went off on Eric?

Question 1: Amber said The moment in the house that irritated me the most was A) when Jen cried about her picture or B) being handcuffed to Kail?

Question 1: True or false, at least five of you have admitted to having cosmetic surgery?

Those that are in the majority will stay in the game.

Question 1: In the “Butter Me Up” food competition, who does the majority say they would rather rub the butter off of, Daniele or Jen?

Question 3: Who does the majority of the house say would cheat on a significant other, Joe or Dustin?

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