Nigerian dating scams zoosk Free quick fuck dating sites

That just shows you how bad some sites really can be.Another fascinating reason to stick to my top list of sites.If you’ve used any dating website and you’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with online dating scams then you’ll appreciate this section of my website.

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Most of the companies that run and maintain the network of sites that I use all hire people to protect their users from Nigerian scams.

They constantly monitor sites 24/7 and even delete profiles that look suspicious.

These are just a few pieces of criteria that I had used to determine whether or not a site was legit or a scam.

Be sure to read my reviews in full before making any buying decisions.

Dating Company I investigated the companies behind the dating sites themselves.

I did this in order to determine whether or not they were previously involved in some sort of scam.

For example, if I started to receiving a significant amount of messages from users without even having my profile completed, this counted heavily against the website.

I know that many sites use bots and other fakes users by sending messages to new members as if they are real people.

If the company was already involved in a dating scam, then it didn’t bode very well.

User Reviews I took user reviews from other websites into consideration.

It’s just the nature of using an online dating site.

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