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Trust me stop looking in the UK, we are cute men probably, and british girls don't like that.I've only just realised when i was 30 after times of leaving the country i had more contact with girls, even as friends, italians kissed me, that's more than i've ever had, same with Latin america, oh i had a 2 week friendship/relationship (she was a confused lesbian who i ended up on a 3 some type thing when we all went san francisco lol but that was purely out walking holding hands together, it was all quite strange but in a nice way) Anyway, after being to asia and seeing girls like cute boys and are not into playing stupid games like pretending they don't fancy the other, girls being the more dominent and men being allowed to be less macho, I've realised my place is over there.

How can one person be so out of luck when it comes to dating?

Sure, my social life isn't great, but even when I was going out, my social life sucked.

lol cute and sweet is not how any male should be described so stop making excuses for yourself.

--------- OP dating websites are crap unless you're decent looking and have a bit of game to your messages. why don't you just man up and you might find someone then instead of flying around the world looking for places where men are submissive to women.

Just save up, I was 30 before i realised and started going to asia last year, now this time i'm committed because i've watched how they interact from afar and how humble they are (talking singaporeans and filipinos in singapore along with my now filipina friends who lived in singapore and now live in philippines) there's a different dimension out there where girls like cute and sweet, their not afraid to show real feelings.

why don't you just man up and you might find someone then instead of flying around the world looking for places where men are submissive to women.

I'm off to the philippines next year I suggest you not to waste your time here. I have had severe depression for the last few years and getting back on my feet now. I am unemployed at the moment, although I'm occasionally with my eldest brother, but I need something full time/permanent. I don't have the funds to travel, so that's a no go.

Try filipino cupid though most show as looking for a man aged 18-65, you can tell what they're after, but there's some on there that are genuine looking at ages 18-35 but be careful. I am having absolutely no luck on these meet up sites. I couldn't get guys offline to date me even though his online drooled over me.

You'll know once you're on facebook together whether they are genuine or not, look for things like friend count, when they joined up etc. Also Chat roulette, Not the UK or USA countries, they can be rude, Do Russia, I wrapped up in a duvet like a worm and the russian girls talked to me for hours, they also show respect. I made a russian gangster with a gun laugh but i could barely make 80% of british girls even crack a smile. I think my only other option is just to straight out approach girls on the street and introduce myself to them face to face instead of messing around online. They wanted instant sex and to move on to next one. I spoke to this guy online for 3 years- then cutest, sweetest shyest guy ever.

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