Non armenian dating armenian

” Of course, she has a job and she would start telling different stories and you would rule the situation by asking her questions; and if she is a student, it is even better, because she would tell you about her studying process, friends and so on. If you know how to impress a girl in a pleasant way, do it, use this trick, but do not offend her and try not to scare her, what is even more important, in every action of yours keep to the golden middle.

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You may read tons of advices how to behave on the date with the girl but they might never help you if you do not feel mutual gravity, let’s call it this way.

This is some special sort of feelings that you cannot control and this attraction either exists or does not exist, and no matter what whether this concerns Armenian girl or the girl of some other nationality.

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The main thing is communication between man and woman and these ways of communication are different like verbal and non verbal.

What I would say if there is so called chemistry between guy and girl, communication flow and first date and all the other stuff would just flow quickly and you won’t even be able to understand what is going on and why the time passes by so quickly and it doesn’t matter is it between Armenian girl and American guy or between Australian girl and Ukrainian guy. Then maybe it is not your girl or it is just not your day, maybe you were not in the best mood or maybe there is something wrong with your future possible Armenian girlfriend so maybe she is not the best candidate to take this place?

Those sorts of things are very simple at all, as everything in this life and problems people cause and invent themselves.

If you would remember those simple truths, behave yourself as you are, everywhere, during the date, at work or in the public transport, it would really help you to enjoy the life in every aspect.

If you analyze all your actions and ways to approach the result and find some mistakes in what you were doing, it would help you to avoid those mistakes the next time.

But you have to be fair with yourself and to be objective.

The main mistake is to overestimate your abilities.

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