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As a result, if someone misbehaves on the service, we may only suspend some of their privileges on Xbox Live such as access to certain apps or use of certain features.

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I think I should have just had a warning," wrote Xbox Live user rbevanx on the Xbox forums.

"I think it's strange that MS allows you to record any game footage when there are games with really bad foul language and I say something like plonker or c*ap and I get my benefits removed especially I had 100 per cent feedback when I was on 360 for about 5-7 years on Xbox Live." Rbevanx wasn't alone as over a dozen other users piped up on the thread to report a similar experience.

The team reviews every clip that is uploaded to the service to help maintain a clean, safe and fun environment for all users.""Excessive profanity and other Code of Conduct violations will be enforced upon.

On Xbox One, we have a more sophisticated system of enforcement.

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From my point of view, Skype (or other remote discussion tools) have one plus -- they allow an interview with a person too far away to justify coming in for an interview which may not result in an offer -- and lots of minuses. The image is screen size, what is in the background is what is behind the candidate in their site, the audio (very important to me!! So if there is a choice, FTF is MUCH better than a remote platform!!

Before that I hired IT folks, faculty, and administrative staff for many years. I know, seeing the person on Skype will allow me to see that anyway -- except that it often doesn't.

Two of the last few contract openings offered to me wanted to set up a Skype interview. With respect to the legalism, as we say in Brooklyn, FUHGEDDABOUTIT!!

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