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With the introduction of this legislation, New York State continues to address the problem of sex offenses by pursuing policies that have the effect of marginalizing or banishing sex offenders. Patty Wetterling, whose son’s tragic death prompted the creation of federal and state sex offender registries, has been an outspoken critic of the use of such registries to marginalize and harass sex offenders. We need to look at what can help those released from prison to succeed so that they don’t victimize again – and that probably means housing and jobs and community support." There is considerable research that identifies the components of a best-practice model for preventing recidivism among sex offenders.

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The bill’s stated objective is to prevent former offenders from communicating with minors through social networking sites.

But a tremendous amount of communication takes places between adults on social networking sites.

The problem the legislation seeks to address is poorly understood; as a consequence the proposed regulatory scheme is misguided.

The sponsor’s memorandum accompanying the e-STOP legislation speaks of a grave security risk posed by predators who utilize the internet to perpetrate sex crimes.

This assertion is dubious; recent analyses indicate the alleged problem is greatly exaggerated.

Those concerned the internet is facilitating the commission of sex crimes often cite a study by the Crimes Against Children Research Center, which found that one in seven children had received sexual solicitations while on-line.

The law would also make criminal the mere act of viewing the My Space web site, even if done with the intent to learn about social or political events.

As a consequence the proposed regulatory scheme fails to pass constitutional muster.

The bill’s principal focus is the prevention of sex crimes against minors who access social networking websites.

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