Ok magazine who is jennifer lawrence dating

Her films have grossed over billion worldwide, and she was the highest-paid actress in the world in 20.

Clearly the outlet’s take on things is far from okay.

, Lawrence is “risking it all” to move to the East Coast.

So basically, the entire article is 100 percent false.

This is hardly the first time the tabloid has gotten it wrong about her. "Go Inside Bradley Cooper's $13 Million New York Townhouse." E!

That this tabloid is copying from old debunked reports without attribution and is using a Blind Gossip item as the basis for its main premise underscores how phony this cover story is.

As Gossip Cop and other reputable places like , secretly or otherwise.These bogus allegations can be found in the newest issue of , which alleges Aniston and Pitt recently had a “romantic getaway” to “rekindle their romance.” A so-called “source” claims they’ve been “spending a lot of time together,” but the contention that they went to “Northern California’s wine country” with one another originates from Blind Gossip.The magazine points to an item from the rumor-focused site, which wrote earlier this month about a “very famous actress” who was “spotted with… "Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Still Not Dating, Despite OK! Jennifer Shrader Lawrence (born August 15, 1990) is an American actress.It’s also worth noting that this nonsense about the pair coming “out of hiding” makes no mention of the magazine’s story two months ago in which it claimed Pitt and Sienna Miller were “preparing to go public” with a romance.

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