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We also created the most extensive Thailand VIP Membership Program to do just this.

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Yes it’s not free, but it is certainly much cheaper than a good night out and your odds of meeting someone are a million times higher!

The free trial will also help you to test the waters.

You simply need to complete your profile, upload a photo, and make sure you message at least 5 members per month. I’ve written a detailed guide to Match vs e Harmony, so I’ll just cover the highlights here.

I generally recommend Match over e Harmony for three reasons.

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You can find more at Gods of Thailand and Kings of Bali which are websites dedicated to teaching men how to have the best time in Asia without the bullshit.We have a bunch of advice on this website for online dating in Thailand.Here is a link to some helpful articles: 1- Join Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid as a paying member 2- Upload at least 3 good photos of yourself 3- Fill in the profile with basic information, keep it simple 4- Say “Hi” to the girls you think are attractive 5- When she responds and you have a conversation going, get her Line / Whatsapp / Phone Number 6- Arrange a video chat to make sure she is as attractive as you think 7- Set up the date And the best part is, you don’t even need to be in Thailand for this.But at a nice bar on Soi 11 like Oskar, you will find most drinks are 300 baht each. On average I spend about 3,000 baht a night partying in Thailand.And that assumes I’m with a couple of guys to split the cost of bottle service.3,000 baht is about Not terribly expensive when compared with partying in USA or Europe.🙂 The price for a single month’s membership is a lot more expensive than going for either the three or six month options, which is fine, as a single months membership is unlikely to lead to you finding your soulmate, unless you are very lucky indeed!

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