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Example: If you set it to 10, the viewer can watch either 10 times 1 specific video or 10 different videos but 1 time only.

Max Allowed Per Video This is the same as the Max Allowed Usage but applies per each video.

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The content that the different features offer and the way that viewers pay for that content differ greatly.

PPV only charges the viewer when the service is used VS.

Considering adding Pay-Per-View to your video package?

Well, let’s first start off by talking about what Pay-Per-View actually means for you and your video package service.

Most TV service providers also restrict how long a show is available to a customer after the initial viewing, for example a 12-hour window after the conclusion of the show, which restricts viewers from watching content an unlimited amount of times.

Buying a show with On-Demand is as simple as going to the On-Demand screen, selecting the content that you’d like to watch, and then entering your specific pin number or verification number that alerts the video provider you’d like to purchase the item.

No need to waste time looking - instead start making money now! It's an ideal solution for movie premieres, training videos, tutorials, live events and performances.

Single or Recurring Pay Per View Options Specify if the user's card should be charged once at the time of purchase or if the amount should be be charged on a recurring basis (monthly, yearly) Max Allowed Usage You can set the total allowed times for the purchased ticket to be used across the allowed (linked) videos.

For example, if you like sports like boxing, wrestling, MMA, etc., PPV could be the perfect fit for you. You can add it to your package for no cost to test it out or call our office at 309-776-3211 for more help.

Start making money by selling your videos on pay per view basis.

Then, you can watch the show or movie for the allotted time that the video provider allows.

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