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“Aren’t there supposed to be land mines near the border? ” Silence—good friends can take a little black humour.Consisting of 375 trees—some more than 3,000 years old—the Forest of the Cedars of God is one of the last remaining stands of the country’s once-legendary resource.It is as rich a dining experience as it is diverse, and only six dollars per person.

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This is the last run of our Lebanese ski adventure, and our helpful and spontaneous guide Anton is negotiating with The Cedar’s management: yes, they are going to open the highest lift.

A good thing, as we’ve already spotted our run—a 900-meter slope, smooth as an ironed sheet and peppered with cliffs and playful features to the sides. Four million people currently live in Lebanon; 14 million Lebanese expats live around the world, and as the political situation remains tense and wars and terror attacks continue most have no plans to return anytime soon. Ski Mzaar and Les Téléskis des Cèdres for the additional ski tickets.

Eight hours later, after multiple run-ins with Lebanese military, the crew finnaly reached the top of the line. Under the sweltering Arabian sun, the snow turns to excellent corn.

In the distance the Forest of God’s Cedars and the dune-like hills of the Bekaa Plain hang above the shimmering blue Mediterranean.

Despite the violence and political turbulence, agriculture has been a major part of Lebanese culture since the Phoenicians, and the people here have been making wine for 5,000 years.

Grape vines are everywhere amidst walls and small canyons, making our path difficult and tensions high.

While the burning Arabian colours couldn’t be more picturesque, the snow requires full concentration and good edges.

We skitter down the 45-degree slope on-bone rattling crust.

The mountains in central Lebanon may receive plenty of winter precipitation, but powder is a rarity.

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