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That’s where our 13 best free outdoor dating websites come in handy!

One of my favorite episodes of “Parks and Recreation” is when the gang goes camping to brainstorm ideas for bringing in more revenue to the department.

One of my favorite storylines of that episode is Andy and April’s, the latter of whom hates camping. It’s super boring, and you can see the stars, which I hate.

That's because we have the resources and the matchmaking experience in helping people find their way together.

When CT singles sign up with Match.com, they are allowed the opportunity to view the photos and profiles of other singles on our site.

More physically adventurous individuals may choose dates that are physically challenging and active.

Bicycling and hiking are just a few of the physical activities that CT singles can enjoy together.

A date at a casino combines the fun and excitement of table games, slots, and other types of gambling with the relaxed nature of dining.

Speaking of dining, dates that take place in restaurants are a sure-fire way to get to know one another.

These profiles are personal ads that provide each single with the opportunity to tell who they are in an engaging and eye-catching way.

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