Outlook oab not updating exchange 2016

I learned the trick of holding the Ctrl key while right-clicking on the Outlook icon in the system tray.That let me Test E-Mail Autoconfiguration and determine that my autodiscovery wasn’t working too well.

Note that if you are having multiple outlook profiles, you may see multiple GUIDs in the folder.

You may see the following file structure with in the GUID corresponding to the outlook profile in consideration.

At the end of this post, I will give a recommendation regarding the best way in my opinion for rolling out a new OAB to your whole user base, in case you face a situation where a full OAB download for all Outlook clients is necessary.

But let’s start with the OAB generation and publishing process.

This week, the Send and Receive task in Outlook 2007 SP2 and Outlook 2010 started hanging while trying to download from Exchange Server 2007 SP3 on SBS 2008.

If I highlighted the stuck process, I could see that it wasn’t able to get the Offline Address Book: Some articles point to Autodiscover as the problem.

In Exchange 2013, the OAB is generated by each Exchange 2013 Mailbox server(s) that hosts a special type of arbitration mailbox, called organization mailbox.

The unbinding of OAB from a specific server allows the same OAB to be generated by multiple Mailbox servers.

Update-Offline Addres Book: Following cmdlet will force OAB generation of an OAB named “Default Offline Address Book” across all organization mailboxes.

This command initiates an RPC request to each mailbox server hosting an active organization mailbox. Restart the Mailbox Assistant service: The Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistant service on Mailbox Role is responsible for generating OAB.

In case you want to start with a detailed understanding of the process, Dave Goldman has provided a detailed guidance on the client-server interaction when downloading an OAB in his post Understanding why error code 0X8004010F is thrown when trying to download an OAB.

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