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The crime was a most serious and reprehensible one that would be condemned by nearly all foreigners in Thailand, however, the attitude of the young man and his family to the ordeal has, so far, been inspiring.

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‘He has done wrong, but there is a reason he got mixed up in all that, everything that was going on,’ she said.

Debbie has said that he believes her son was ‘vulnerable’ after the shock death of the young woman he loved.

She said this mental condition had led her son to become vulnerable to the influence of others.

Lance’s mother is deeply committed and devoted to her son as is his father.

Lance Whitmore has been held at Bangkok’s mammoth Klong Prem prison in Chatuchak, on the outskirts of the city now for over 4 years.

It is reported that he gave his permission or authority, in recent months, for the Thai international transfer of prisoner program in the hope of being repatriated to the United Kingdom to serve out the remainder of his prison term under the Thailand’s 1984 law and treaty with the United Kingdom.

At the time, he expressed his deep concern for his son at the prison because of the poor food provided to prisoners and the prevalence of Aids. Thai prisons, for male prisoners and hardened criminals at maximum security institutions at least, are notorious for providing poor quality rice and fish heads to those who cannot afford to buy their own food.

In 2016, Lance’s dad broke down to the press when his son’s 50 year prison sentence was upheld.

Russell said that conditions at Klong Prem were very harsh and had been tightened up.

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