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along with his team visited the Ministry for the presentation of the technology.

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In this respect, the Sky Way project announced itself as a new competitor in the field of transportation.

A competitor who shows great hopes and claims a leading position through the efficiency and low capital costs of construction and further operation, which is an important factor in the conditions of economic crisis prevailing in Russia.

The length of public roads in the Russian Federation is 1.4 million kilometers.

Federal highways account for 51 thousand kilometers, regional — 503 thousand kilometers, local — 842 thousand kilometers.

"The Sky Way transport system can be attributed to one of the new promising non-traditional types of overhead transport that preliminary demonstrated its viability," – says the (in Russian) of the joint meeting.

Fourteen years have passed since that Mintrans STC meeting.

And in order to supply itself by itself, it is necessary at least to cut down the expenses of the state budget.

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