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This is a 17th century painting that appears at such at its front, but may not with a glance to the back, but it has been relined with linen and placed on a new stretcher and fastened with modern staples.

If a painting is on artist board (Masonite) it was produced after 1924, although a Masonite-like artist board was produced as early as 1898 by hot-pressing waste paper.

There is still much debate on the subject of relining with persuasive pros and cons.

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The second word appears to be “Huisje” (cottage) or “Huis” (home) and so would indicate either a peasant’s or farmer’s home or cottage – both of which fit the image very well.

The unpainted portion of the canvas is white, the wood of the stretcher is light in color without any indication of oxidation, and the canvas is fastened to the stretcher with staples.

Older paintings are done in oil paint, which has been used since the 13th century, whereas newer paintings may be done in either oil or acrylic paint, which has been used since the 1950s.

Familiarize yourself with the difference in appearance between old and new oil paintings and between oil and acrylic paintings; oil paintings are more translucent.

As far as his personal style, Rebholz says he likes using clean lines and big bold shapes, often using people as figurative references.“I like chaotic but composed images — that’s the attraction of living somewhere like New York City — you’re constantly surrounded by chaos and weird humanistic things.”For the Ok Cupid wall mural, Rebholz said he didn’t want to directly project “a dating app” in the art, but rather the rough idea of love, finding love or falling out of love.“One part of the mural is about someone trying to offer a rose or a token and the other person rejecting them.

But then there are other parts of the mural where people are holding hands and sending love letters,” he said.

But his real start began by chance, sort of.“I was doing a mural on the street, and this old sign painter who lived in the neighborhood — who truly acted and looked like The Dude from The Big Lebowski — rolled up and started critiquing my work. That dude happened to be Phil Vandervaart, a bit of a folkloric sign painter in Minneapolis, and he ended up asked Rebholz to help him on some projects.

Vandervaart’s collaborator at the time, Forrest Wozniak, eventually invited Rebholz to work with him on sign painting, which led to larger projects.

Q I am hoping your staff can give me some information on a painting I recently purchased at a sale.

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