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Hello friends, Everybody must remember the character “Rachel Green” from the famed sitcom “Friends” and wished to meet her just once.

In this article, we will discuss her life and the updated net worth of Jennifer Aniston in 2019.

However, it didn’t work between her parents and they decided to split when Jennifer was just nine years old.

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V actress with an amount of $1 million per episode of the last season of Friends.

She also earned a lot of love and money from her movie “Bruce Almighty (2013)” starring opposite Jim Carrey which earned an estimated $486 million.

Eating so, at least once a week will not only improve your hair and skin texture but helps in controlling weight too.

She does strength training and due to her hectic schedules, she likes to do equipment-free exercises like yoga, crunches, etc.

The series turned out to be a hell of success and all its cast gained worldwide fame among television viewers.

She even came to be known as the most famous female character in American television.

She truly rose to fame after her portrayal of Rachel Green in the famous television sitcom “Friends” for which she was given many awards.

The television series aired from 1994-2004 and become one of the best in history and has become a classic today and also a must watch, all because of the unique characters in the series, one of which was Jennifer.

Jennifer’s ancestry from her mother’s side was from various parts of the world such as Italy, English, Irish and Scottish.

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