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Woman D: It feels even better than regular sex- as if being on my period makes everything more sensitive and receptive to touch Woman A: Sometimes I get hit with major fatigue when I'm on my period so I'll tire out faster than I normally do in bed, which isn't good.

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Like, I'll take riskier and bolder moves in bed, and my orgasms are way more powerful.

I also tend to get wetter faster and have more passion.

Besides my current boyfriend, though, the overall reaction from guys always seems to be that they're being surprised that I'm OK with it.

I usually just tell them that it's really not a big deal or something to get worked up about because it happens to all women, and it means that my body is healthy and functioning properly. I'll tell them I have my period and leave the decision about whether we do or not up to the guy.

My previous relationships and hookups didn't want to do it, or I was just never on my period at that time we were having sex.

The first time I did it was right before my current boyfriend was about to pull off my pants and I told him that I was on my period, so we probably shouldn't have sex but he just said, "So…? I'm so happy we did because from then on, even though I still mention that I have my period every time before we have sex (just out of habit I suppose), we never hesitate to go through with it. I was on Depo-Provera birth control for seven years, which means I didn't get a period for that time and when I finally started having my period again, I was super grossed out by myself. I was lucky to have a mother who raised me to be comfortable with my body and being a woman.

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But also because it's so heavily debated, period sex feels a bit risqué, which can make it hotter.

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