Pension contributions rules on backdating

This, means that if you were born between 1st January 1949 and 31st December 1954 inclusive, the minimum qualifying State Pension age will be 66.If you were born between 1st January 1955 and 31st December 1960 inclusive, the minimum qualifying State pension age will be 67.

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So in future always tell them first that there are two directors and more than one fee earner.

Hi In answer to the questions: (a) We are not marrried. She is a fee earner (but not the main one) bringing in about £25K per year based on a 3 day a week contract. Thanks - Iguy Total remuneration (salary pension) must be "reasonable" for the duties involved.

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Hi I regular see recommendations on the forums to back date directors pension contributions.So if the financial advisor has said it's OK and how it should be done then go ahead.Also be aware some accountants and some agencies will make up what they think the set up of your company is with out asking you even if the structure they talk about has no legal definition.For a single employee and sole fee-earner this is easily justified.Where there are two employees and both are fee earners then if the remuneration was not broadly in proportion to the value of those employees there could be a risk that the large pension element is challenged as avoidance.I have asked my accountant who generally agrees with my financial adviser but says he is not a a pension adviser so cant really comment.

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