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That’s the thought process behind online dating apps made specifically for people with illnesses and disabilities.

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“Maybe that’s all Lemonayde ends up being: a fire starter that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Or maybe you end up finding your one true love, who knows.

Lemonayde is designed for people with chronic health conditions, although you do not need to disclose your specific diagnosis in your profile. told The Mighty he was inspired to create the app after his own positive experience dating someone with a skin condition similar to his (he has tinea versicolor).

The relationship gave him confidence, and he wanted to help others with chronic illness explore dating by creating an app that makes it OK to talk about your health.

Download Glimmer for free from i Tunes and Google Play Monthly subscriptions are $9.99, yearly subscriptions are $59.99. Download our app to read more stories like this and connect with people from the chronic illness community.

I was married for nine years to someone struggling with depression and social anxiety. After all, I had spent most of my life managing my own depression, anxiety and anorexia. It takes an immense amount of patience and understanding to love someone through their down times, their body issues and the debilitating anxiety that simply doesn’t make any sense.It's estimated that one in four people in the world will deal with a mental illness at some point in life.And although those disorders don't totally define us, they are still a huge part of our lives, often affecting the way we relate to other people.So we asked 21 people what they wanted their partners to know about dating them, the challenges that their mental illnesses can bring up in their relationships, and how they hope their partners respond to the inevitable rough patches. When you have a chronic illness, mental illness or disability, you may feel like you have an extra “layer” of truths about yourself you’re not sure if your date will be OK with. But giving that gift to someone else — it’s incredibly challenging.

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