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I’m at home alone with a dog named pleki peliharaanku.

The first day I was at home alone I feel ordinary saja.

And now she looks very happy beeing covered with animal cum.

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Birahiku suddenly rose and put food on the floor, then I went into my room and masturbate while imagining if I had sex with pleki berhubunganungan.

At the moment I’m lying in bed, squeezing my tits, come and bark pleki ask to eat again, I then took the butter and lay back in bed again as she put it on my pussy lips wet yangsudah.

Pada day 2, when I woke up I felt really lazy at home (cranky).

Because no one at home, after the shower I’m not wearing any clothes because I feel lazy to use clothes, let alone in the house alone.

Then I doggi stylish and attractive style that big pleki into my back, I rub – rubbing groin to his cock.

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