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"We had a dinner at the Chateau Marmont a couple of weeks ago celebrating the success of the show, and Lauren came with Peter. And we made a couple of jokes about her coming on as a patient in a very bizarre 9-1-1 call and she laughed about it.

She seemed open to the possibility."places its guest stars in (season 1 alone depicted an airbound bouncy castle, caved-in dance floor, and its poster-perfect upside down roller coaster car) Graham merely appearing in one episode isn't exactly satisfactory.

“I still see Dax [Shepard] a lot and Mae,” said Krause, whose brand-new spy series The Catch debuts on ABC on Thursday, March 24. And I’m really proud of Max Burkholder, who was accepted into Harvard.” Burkholder, 18, played Krause’s son Max Braverman. Whitman, now 27, shared a photo with the couple, writing: “We bravermans gotta stick together #themysteryofloveandsex #supportivefamily #extremelylucky.” Have a question you’d like to ask a celebrity?

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Instead, can someone please give Graham the offer to replace Connie Britton, who is leaving the show prior to season 2?

While Lorelai may not be the best phone operator, Graham has quite the soothing voice when she's is teeing up a relationship between Krause's Bobby and Angela Bassett's Athena.

The actress told Redbook magazine in an interview published in its October issue that their relationship is "so easy." The former "Gilmore Girls" actress told the magazine that she and Krause had an "instant connection" when they met 15 years ago, but blames shyness and timing for keeping them apart. "I've also been really protective of it, because it's important that you can buy us as brother and sister on the show." The October issue of Redbook hits newsstands on Sept.

"I think we liked each other [but] he asked me over to his house to play a board game - and that's exactly what we ended up doing," she said.

So while I'm sure and while everyone's favorite talk show host asked Graham and Krause to get married ASAP, Graham said that for now, they are happy just being together and that "we are very happy as we are." Again, you have to wonder their secret.

Like many celebrities and famous people, Peter keeps his love life private. If you see something that doesn’t look right, contact us.

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Through a cute new phone operator in the mix — played by Graham, obviously — and you'll have a love triangle that will keep me just as hooked as all the life-or-death scenarios.

Actors are well known for falling for their co-stars when they play on-screen lovers, but for Lauren Graham and her longtime boyfriend, it developed a little bit differently. The , (I'm sure you've heard of it), even though on the show they played the farthest thing from a couple — they were siblings.

Just a friendly reminder: don't be ashamed to admit that you have a crush on him. Scroll down and check out his short and/or medium light brown hairstyles & haircuts.

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