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Last Thursday, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was in Barangay Concepcion, Sariaya Quezon.Arriving by a tourist bus, she went directly to the stage especially prepared for the inauguration of the Quezon Livelihood and Livelihood Center (QLLC) and graduation of about 1,000 TESDA sponsored technical-vocational trainees.Seated right beside Quezon 2nd district rep Procy Alcala, GMA seemed to listen to what the congressman was talking about, It was obvious, though, that the Chief Executive was looking too far and away. While she was with the Quezonians physically on that rainy Thursday afternoon , her looks does not show GMA is. I saw no glitter in her eyes, except perhaps when she was leaving, already in the bus, waving good-by to us which I caught on my Carl-Zeis lens. We can only speculate that she is either bothered by the political and economic crisis and perhaps, the legitimacy issue confronting her. With that, the tit-for-tat battle for supremacy between to equal parts of Congress in the effort of the Lower House majority to effect changes in the Constitution is now unfolding before us.

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Employing overwhelming force, the poor meat vendor was pressured to receive and signed the document against his will.

The guy at the front desk was efficient and very accommodating, pleasant and polite.

Unfortunately, assuming (from the word ass) in the unlikely event that the minisculed Quezon comes to place, there are other political jades difficult to bear with.

Expectedly, Nantes and the Envergas would not allow themselves not to be the principal actors.

I mean between the camp of Governor Raffy Nantes and Rep Mark Enverga versus Reps Erin Tanada and Danny Suarez who was the aggressor in pushing for the break-up of united Quezon.

In the 2nd district or in Lucena, in particular, the Talagas and the Alcalas refuse to slug it out.

It was expected that both parties from the Yes or No camp would exert every effort and resources to achieve the desired goals. Political reformists hope the matter should have been one on the issue but it never came.

The fight for people’s vote became two against two among the political giants of the province.

To pass a law, the bill has to pass both the Senate and the House.

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