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Laugh if you want, but online game (Tinder specifically) is the real deal.

Models, actresses, and hot, horny 19-year-old college girls around the globe are using Tinder to get laid.

Guys talk about openers, the culture of online dating, which cities are best for Tinder, texting, what to put in their profile, what to do if a girl goes cold, etc. There are even now multiple threads about bots that guys have built in order to get more matches online.

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When it comes to online game, guys spend 99% of their time talking about 1% of things that matter. There are 7,700 posts and 2.3 views between the Tinder and OKC threads, and yet nobody is talking about photos.

It’s whether or not the girl FEELS something when she first sees you. ---------- Hopefully, you’re convinced that you don’t need to be a model to look interesting in photos. If you’re uglier than him, check out RVF’s own game success story from a guy who is *medically* facially disfigured, and learn how even he is able to bang girls!

To get girls online, you need to stimulate them visually. NOT an image of you doing something interesting, but a photo of you that is itself interesting. It's *very* different than saying you need to be attractive. Here is what he looks like when caught off guard: Not so good, eh? "Game Works, Even for the Facially Disfigured" Naturally, you need a good photographer to get good photos.

how to look like your BEST self in photos, and why it matters. ----- Let’s contrast this with another photo of the infinitely ugly Steve Buscemi: Now, that is a cool looking dude!

The vast majority of guys doing online game fail to understand that girls are EMOTIONAL creatures. His presence is dominating, he looks different than other guys out there, he’s dressed well, his expression is intriguing, and most importantly: he’s not trying too hard. - Therefore, you need photos that are visually interesting and evoke emotion.

Being attractive is great, but His face is a train wreck, he’s scrawny, and he generally looks like a 13-year old boy trapped in a 65-year old man’s body. BUT, put him in a tailored suit, get him with a professional photographer that understands lighting, and he turns into the most interesting looking man in the world: All of a sudden, the ugliest person known to man transforms into a person that looks like a guy you’d want to meet, and who generally doesn’t give a shit what you think of him. Dude might be attractive, but he’s alienating girls with the weird dog pic, and is hiding his entire body. A lot of guys think “professional photos” means getting your headshot taken like you did for the college yearbook, with a photographer who is 60 years old and overweight. I’m also NOT talking about photoshop, deceiving photos, digital manipulation, etc.

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