Physician dating patient

I also asked to be notified when she was in the clinic.The patient made no further attempts to contact me.In fact, most physicians-in-training are unable to identify seductive behavior in their patients.

Physician dating patient

I then told her that I was uncomfortable with her personal interest in me and that I thought it would be best if she saw one of my female partners in the future.

The following day, the patient sent a bouquet of flowers and a card to me at my office.

The onus, therefore, remains with the physician to act always in the patient's best interest.

The second assumption is that when a dual relationship exists with a patient (such as being both physician and lover), objectivity is lost.

She then asked me if I was interested in having a relationship with her.

I told her that I had no interest in her or in any of my patients outside of the professional doctor-patient relationship.The physician's response was appropriate in that he immediately rejected the patient's proposal in a clear and unequivocal manner.He documented that interchange in the medical record, discussed the problem with a colleague and formally terminated his professional relationship with the patient in writing.The patient requested a prescription for an oral contraceptive and was offered testing, including blood work and mammography.One month later the patient returned and stated, “I just had to see you again.” During the office visit, she made little eye contact with me.As a result, subsequent treatment may be compromised.

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