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I was browsing the popular blogsite pinoy.recently, and lo and behold, he also wrote about the issue. Here are his links to download the files: Pinoy Ako - Orange and Lemons Chandelier - The Care After hearing both songs, I'm convinced.

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He is now the managing editor of the Philippine Journalism Review Reports (PJR Reports), CMFR's flagship media-monitoring publication.

All his posts are solely his rants, raves, and musings, unless stated otherwise.-rock-band type) currently lording over the local music scene.

So, I don't think "Stay" is a rip-off from "The Greatest View." This is where I can accept the argument that maybe Cueshe is "inspired" by Silverchair.

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"Leaving You" unabashedly copied the melody of "Garmonbozia." The melody of both songs are almost the same, even in the chorus part.

The melody of the two songs are so similar that you would think Session Road and Superdrag are the same (well, maybe except on the vocalist, since Session Road's vox is a female and Superdrag's a guy).

A few weeks ago, there were news reports that the Orange and Lemons hit is a rip-off from a foreign group.

A Manila Bulletin report on the issue carried the denial of band member Clem who said that "Pinoy Ako" is different from the song "Chandelier," an original song of the UK-based 80's band The Care.

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