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This means that developing and implementing a feature is only half the battle.

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This degrades your user experience by watering down the true value of what you’ve built.

For example, if I go to a shoe store, I don’t want to be sold hamburgers.

It’s much better to have proper UX and poor visual design than it is the other way around.

Visual design can have the “wow” impact you’re looking for, but once you draw people in, you’re going to lose them immediately with your unusable interface.

Had he done that, he would have realized that half his customers left because they forgot to bring socks.

A simple box of disposable socks could have increased his sales far better than hamburgers.

All it requires is a bit of time to make yourself aware of how to spot them. People shouting in the streets about how incredible your new app looks.

Bonus: Download this free e Book outlining Quick UX Fixes that Take 5 Minutes or Less to quickly improve your user experience. The front page of Tech Crunch raves over the details of your splash page and the beauty of your forms. So you convince the best visual designer you can find to join you and task him in creating a beautiful interface design.

If the analytics show it’s not being used, you must remove it.

I know how hard it might seem to remove a something that cost thousand of dollars in development costs, but just imagine it being a dirty old rotting hamburger stand sitting in the corner of your shoe store.

You’ll be building features no one will actually use.

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