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A lot of the architecture, including the rows of colourful tenements that frame the square, needed heavy restoration after the Second World War.

Give yourself an hour to see the medieval riches in the Archdiocese Museum at the episcopal palace.

Standing at an angle on the Market Square, the Old Town Hall is a group of Gothic buildings bundled together in one complex.

Elsewhere in the exhibition rooms you can dip into the story of the university where Alois Alzheimer taught, and which has produced nine noble prize winners.

Frederick the Great chose this Baroque palace as his residence after Prussia took over Silesia in the 1740s.

Inside is a free museum detailing the history of the building and with exhibitions on aspects of life in Wrocław, like the city’s tram network.

And you can also check out the plush council chamber upstairs and the merchants’ hall on the ground floor.Its patriotic subject matter in the days of the Soviet Union meant it didn’t see the light of day until 1985.Since then the Racławice Panorama has been presented at a rotunda in Wrocław, depicting a battle that is engrained in the Polish national memory.By the 19th century the arm of the river separating it from the bank was closed off to prevent flooding.When Ostrów Tumski was first developed in the 10th century the river created a natural defence, and the first brick buildings arrived in the middle of the 12th century.As Wrocław developed from the end of the 13th century, new wings were fixed on to account for the political and economic changes taking place in the city over the next 250 years.

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