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It only created a situation where I would waste time emailing someone back and forth (successfully) over a number of days, only to be stabbed in the chest when I would be forced to reveal my race, usually before a date or meeting. I didn’t want to deal with all the aggravation involved in the dating game.And it goes back to why I don’t approach women and never have.It’s primarily because I have never believed that I was good enough to actually prevail and win the hunt so to speak…

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But that’s not an option for me (although some would probably disagree).

This is all tied to my racial identity, my tendency to be a homebody, and my lack of resources.

“Not good enough” refers to not only being the wrong ethnicity, but it also refers to not having reached a level of socio-economic status that would allow me to compensate. Black men tend to be associated with crime, irresponsibility, a lack of values, sexual aggressiveness, poor education, and as a whole being lower on the socio-economic ladder.

This is why I’m single, have always been single, and will likely die single. Few people are willing to do sociological studies on interracial dating to answer that kind of question because it may be too taboo, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that race tends to be associated with socio-economics. The heart of the story is that my dating options will always be limited. The Culture annoys me (that’s the nice way of putting it).

I’m just emphasizing that if it happens…would be more by accident than by any mission driven kind of effort. And for whatever reason, I don't get along as well with Black women.

And i'm not saying that there aren't any great Black women out there... I have written before about some of my interracial dating experiences and some of the issues that drove me in that direction. I have a whole series on this blog about the Black female subculture (yes it is distinct) and the kinds of men that they tend to be attracted to.

Confession: The Angry Independent has never had a girlfriend/relationship, never been kissed, and has never even asked a woman out…and I’m in my mid 30’s. Most men would have already blown their brains out by now.

Currently I’m not dating anyone and I haven’t been on a date in several years. I guess that means that I pretty much fall into the category of “loser”.

I’m also a little picky when it comes to the kinds of women who I would date.

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