Polyamory dating seattle

2017-05-21 Interesting new experience 2017-08-25 After 2 years I can finally actually enjoy anal!

2017-08-30 I just heard a phrase and it kind of blew me away. I'm so used to people on Ok Cupid messaging me to bash on my lifestyle, but I still try to remain civil in hopes that I see better outcomes. 2017-09-28 How do you feel about having sex with a larger partner?

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2017-10-27 I really miss my gaming buddies 2017-11-02 Treatment of "New-Poly" 2017-11-08 Couldn't connect for so long, it started feeling like maybe I wasn't Poly 2017-11-14 Triad Worries 2018-01-20 I'm feeling a strange happiness right now.

My secondary partner is giving my primary partner a much needed massage.

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And the moment I hit send, I feel this wave of relief wash over me.

And within minutes, the comments almost made me cry.

Too many lookyloos or chances for non poly people to be jerks.

Welcome to our reviews of the polyamory dating (also known as matches dating site).

2018-11-08 Im falling for one of my best friends...

2018-11-28 I(27f) ran into an old high school friend 2018-12-04 I(27f) am feeling crushed.

People saying thank you to me for creating the space, and how excited they were to meet me tomorrow.

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