Portugal dating love

Ich bin ein Entdecker, der möchte, dass ein Gleichgesinnter das Abenteuer des Leben..

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But as they seem so available, they are not very good with words with their significant other half. Traditionally, we are very sheepish and not very good with expressing our emotions, so that is one of the reasons why dating in Portugal can be hard.

For example, if you are American, or even English, you have no problem in saying “I love you” a gazillion times a day.

easy going and good at keeping secret i am here for something serious two share in common, someone to share my dreams and ambitions with...! Also I am optimistic and I am sure that everything in our life depends on our decisions.

My ideal mate would be a friend and lover who is healthy and active and who is curious and enthusiastic about life.

But let me tell you why it is not the same case here: people in Portugal can be very shy and cautious, which really is a pity.

I already know, or can guess, that when “Portugal” comes to your mind you immediately think about one of two things: food and beaches in Portugal.Indeed, my country is a marvellous scene that appears to come out of a movie, but not all the characters are open to love.However, you can expect to find very friendly and “ready to help” people on every other corner, which is one of our main visitor drawcards.But in the more rural areas of Portugal you may find it to be more difficult to date someone.People tend to be more conservative in those areas – not meaning they are less loveable.Dating in Portugal can be difficult, but it is indeed possible.

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