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These psychological secrets have been used and adopted by the most powerful persuaders in the world.

Dear Reader Imagine being able to attract willing partners, influence opponents, further your career, bring success to your business projects, inspire your colleagues, make people like and admire you, and all without them knowing what you are doing…

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As well as reaching the very top of the persuasion profession myself, I have trained countless people to persuade, influence and sell.Imagine the freedom and security this will bring you...Perhaps the most valuable benefit you will gain is the who can get people to do what you want - that is, quite simply, priceless...Just look at what has happened for these people: When used for persuasion, it can have extremely positive effects on the practitioner and the subject s , but when used for manipulation, it can have horrible consequences for the subject s and in turn also for the one who used manipulation to achieve a certain unjust goal.The master persuader who clinches a profitable business deal thinks in 7 specific and different ways to people who lose out.We then go and use what we have learned to make more money from our businesses.

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