Predating jesus dating site to meet soulmate

Josephus does not tell us how long his “former acquaintance” hung on the cross, or whether he, like Jesus, endured forty torturous lashes prior to being nailed to the cross.

Is it possible to be horribly tortured by flogging, then crucified, and yet live?

There is only one example, in the writings of the Roman historian Josephus, of a person surviving crucifixion.

Was the Christ Story stolen from other, older religions?

Theologian Dr Robert Beckford investigates remarkable parallels between the stories of Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mithra, and other major religious entities, and examines how these similarities impact Christianity and its message.

Their go-to form of killing those they deemed to be criminals? The Romans were the principle utilizers of this barbaric form of torture for more than five centuries.

They apparently learned the practice from the Carthaginians, then rapidly developed a high degree of efficiency and skill in using it.We now have absolute assurance that the Book of Isaiah that the Jews and Christians read today is the same as existed prior to the birth of Jesus Christ.In addition to the Dead Sea Scrolls, we have the Septuagint version of the Hebrew scripture (Old Testament), which was translated from Hebrew to Greek in approximately 250 BC, definitely prior to the time Jesus Christ walked the earth.In fact, the soldiers did not have to break Jesus’ legs to speed up His death, as was customary with crucifixions.By piercing His side with a sword, they confirmed His death.That gut feeling in your chest telling you something is just not right could be the Holy Spirit telling you to walk away. Now I know we are talking about dating and not marriage, but you want to date someone who you could marry. So, if Christ isn’t first in his life, he won’t know how to lead you. Thus, to protect your heart and future, you should not date anyone that is not following Jesus or desiring to make Jesus his #1 priority. You may think a certain guy is the one you will marry, but God may have other plans.

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