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I did get given another useful site though called penpals behind bars. I actually looked through my university emails and saw that last october we had a forensic psychologist from Dartmoor come to my uni to do a talk about prison work and also a family member who lives near my uni knows of a prison ministry group that hang out with inmate families and the children of inmates and stuff which is cool so things are looking good Thank you for the reply though! Does anyone have any information about UK penpals or organisations that can help.

If any one knows of any one that needs a penpal or an organisation it would be great if you could let me know Cheers guys! i know a few people in prison, that would be so happy to have a penpal write to them. if ur interested just send me a privet message an ill get back to you.

PR4005(S)Michael,41 from Oregon Searching for penpals worldwide.

We have many American and British prisoners as members of British Penpals.

Whilst they have done wrong, they also tend to be lonely people cut off from friends and family. Below are a small selection of our current members.

I know it isn't as popular over here as it is in the US.

At the moment I write to 2 short-term prisoners and 2-deathrow prisoners in America but would love to write to a good ol' Brit A southcoast prison would be great, specifically Dartmoor, but any would be awesome.

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maybe there's just no interest from one side or the other?

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