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The second is that an update can be pushed out to devices that aren't ready to handle it, as happened when the i Phone 3G received the i OS 4.0 update in 2010.That update wasn't just missing features compared to the version of i OS 4.0 that shipped for the i Phone 4 and i Phone 3GS—it also made previously existing functionality much slower.(If you have a newer phone and would like to see how this works, you get the same interface if you use anything other than "current location" as your starting point when getting directions.) Otherwise, Maps on the 3GS brings all of the changes it features on newer phones, including Yelp reviews, the revamped interface, and the lack of integrated public transit directions.

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The situation stinks, and I recall thinking *immediately* upon the i Pad's launch that the 256MB RAM was going to cause problems as a bottleneck before the rest of the device really fell behind, but it's how things are.

Well it didn't take long to hear from i Phone owners who tried the 3.1.3 firmware update to fix their existing battery problems.

With the exception of the Siri and Maps sections, just about everything mentioned in our main i OS 6 review applies to the 3GS, including Passbook support, Facebook integration, shared Photo Streams, revamped sharing menus, Do Not Disturb, i Cloud Tabs in Safari, the new Find My i Phone tweaks, the Camera app's exposure lock, the new Mail features, and the new call features, among others.

The new features also don't slow the phone down appreciably.

The downside of that approach is that only Apple gets to decide if your hardware is worthy of an update.

This can cause two problems: the first is that owners of not-so-old devices can be left with old software, as is happening to owners of the original i Pad (which was, believe it or not, still the newest i Pad available just 18 months ago).You don't have much to lose if you upgrade a 3GS to i OS 6, but there's a lot more to gain by investing in a newer device. The CPU is better in the i Pad, but the device has the same amount of RAM (a mere 256MB).I still heavily use my original i Pad, having decided to wait until the 4th gen to update, and I've found the RAM issue is a far worse problem on it than on a 3GS due to the larger assets used for 1024x768 resolution i Pad apps (whereas the 3GS is just 480x320).In practice, the phone feels about the same as it did running i OS 5—occasional stuttering and nowhere near as snappy as my current 4S, but still responsive to input in a way that the i Phone 3G with i OS 4 was not.We also ran our standard suite of smartphone benchmarks on the 3GS under both i OS 5.1.1 and i OS 6 to see if there were any improvements or regressions.One app that does change is Maps: on newer devices, getting directions from "current location" invokes the turn-by-turn navigation feature.

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