Problems with dating during the holidays

To avoid getting into the dangerous scenario of your partner seeking comfort from another female, it’s once again important to keep those lines of communication open.Even if your year has been stressful — from finance to romance — let your partner know it’s safe for him to express himself about any and all issues.And while that’s no excuse for cheating, infidelity happens.

After Darren invited his new girlfriend to come to his parents’ house for the holidays, he immediately regretted it. My family is a little crazy, and she was not ready for it.

It chased her away in a hurry,” said Darren, an author.

If he feels like his partner nags him, belittles him, disrespects him, and/or treats him like a child, meeting someone new who treats him with respect, admiration, and desire will feel incredibly appealing. With the added stress of that long to-do list, some women may be unconsciously treating their men like they’re yet another thing they have to cross off their list, but they just don’t have time for. He Feels Ignored/Unappreciated Like it or not, men are wired differently than women. So when a woman’s attention is diverted by holiday shopping, decorating the home, and/or dealing with party planning and family visits, a man can feel completely ignored and unappreciated. Instead of summoning his inner strength and asking for love, attention, and/or validation from his partner, a man is much more comfortable seeking these things from another woman.

Of course, his first response should be to talk to his partner about how he’s feeling. Asking to have his needs met can make a man feel weak. At first, this new woman may only be an emotional confidante.

To avoid this danger zone, it’s important to maintain open lines of communication between you and your partner.

If and when these feelings of dissatisfaction or hurt surface (during the holidays or any time of year), your man should feel free to discuss them with you, thus eliminating his need for outside emotional companionship.

“So there was the issue of her buying me birthday as well as holiday gifts,” says Dan.

Fortunately, the two were so comfortable with each other that parade of Big Occasions wasn’t a stress. During the holidays they exchanged gifts and Dan introduced her to his family.

Instead, these trying times can bring two people closer if you’re both willing to be vulnerable and honest, and work together rather than against one another.

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