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Herb also shared tips on what family and friends can do to support a widower in the months after his spouse dies. And you’ve also become an advocate helping other widowers navigate this transition to becoming a widower. Herb Knoll: Mine is for widowers and those who love them. So men like to come to men and I recognized that earlier this year like never before. ” And he said, “When I told my family and friends I’m fine, leave me alone with my thoughts. Well, they loved their divorced partner at one point and they learned to love somebody else later. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t making bad choices with somebody else’s life. And they need to cast that aside and just deal with what they need to deal with. She just got struck by a car.” And five hours later, he had to disconnect life support and left him with three children that he needed to raise. I have a man whose wife was in the US Air Force and she was serving in Afghanistan. They tend to panic more than the younger men, at least from my experience. And there’s a saying in the industry, are we going to replace the wife that we lost or are we going to fall in love with somebody and marry them? The other issue that comes into play are financial.

Whether it’s you tell her you love her, whether you take her to her favorite restaurant, whether you paid attention to her when she was talking or complaining about her aches and pains. As an example, I happen to move back into the same town that I once lived in with my deceased wife. And sometimes, the children of the deceased are not sympathetic to Dad’s needs. In my case, I will tell you, I went to my stepson and I asked him, “Do you think I loved your mother?

I have one man right now who says I’m not convinced I got my wife or found the best medical care possible for her and I’m living with that guilt. Every time I drive down Lake Mary Boulevard in Lake Mary, Florida, I pass this one restaurant and I can tell you what dress she had on, who we were with, and what she ordered. And at the same time, Dads can’t be too aggressive in replacing Mom. And sometimes Dads don’t care about what the kids think. ” And he said, “Yes.” I said, “I did and I still do.

Here today to walk us through this process is Herb Knoll who lost his wife himself and has dedicated his life to helping his fellow widowers. And she lasted actually quite a bit longer than the average pancreatic cancer patient does but it caused me to take a journey that I never wanted to take. And following all of that, I went looking for help one day. I was in the banking field and I had an employee walk into my office four months after my wife died and she looked at me and she said, “The entire floor misses your laughter.” And then, I realized that I probably needed some help. He leaned over the top of the seat and told the young man behind him to knock it off. And it’s a little bit risky because men are vulnerable when they become widowers because of that very behavior. There are 420,000 new widowers in America alone each year. And he lives down the street or he’s in the next apartment at work. And they don’t even talk about it when they get home. Sometimes they overdo it and they line us up on their calendars for things that we don’t even want to go to. As you talked to the men in this book and also the experts, did you discover that men grieve differently than women do or do widowers grieve differently than widows do? and in full disclosure, I’m not a licensed anything. But the professionals will tell you that grief is grief. A two act, 15 scene play, that actually I was very pleased to see win Best New Play of the Year in Update New York last year. That men don’t feel like they have permission to grieve. I’m certainly available to anybody and I’m happy to be of service. And a lot of times, even with just death in general, when someone dies, people are just really reluctant to reach out because it’s death. And as she’s getting ready to leave me, she says, “I want to introduce you to my aunt.” Well, my wife’s memorial service hadn’t even taken place yet. Let’s hope that the medical doctor refers you to a mental health professional just to be sure. When my wife was sick, we were living in Nashville, Tennessee.

Herb is the founder of the Widowers Support Network which provides free advice and resources to men who have lost their spouses and the author of the book, The Widower’s Journey. It included 39 months of surgery, chemo, radiation, trips to places like MD Anderson in Houston and Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. I was going in at in the morning and going home and at night, and that was pretty much my life. I went to the Veteran’s Administration because I’m a disabled vet. And I asked the gentleman at Barnes & Noble, what do you have for a widower? You talk about in the book that yeah, you went to Barnes & Noble looking for books and there really wasn’t anything out there for widowers. Are there books out there, a lot more books out there, for widows than there are for widowers? In fact, I spent the next nine years researching my book and had an agent out of New York and all that. They were candid enough and honest enough to say, “We don’t think men buy books so we’re not going to do a book about widowers. Well, Kathy leaned over to my brother again and said, “What did you do that for? So when I wrote my book, I didn’t attack it as my story, my journey, or that or any one person. And I had 40 men from across the country who were brave enough to share their stories with me and share their innermost secrets and their tears and their grief and their best practices, and we dissected the issues of the day that widowers face. But they don’t come top of mind because widowers live in the shadows. They’re more reserved because basically they’re told that boys don’t cry since the time that they were able to crawl and walk. Because men don’t think that anybody cares and that it’s not manly to reveal those kind of feelings. But the difference is that ladies are more social and that men have egos and they get in the way. And the most impressive scene in the play is a man sitting in his recliner looking at his TV, changing the station with a TV dinner laying on his belly and he falls asleep that way. In one of my speaking engagements in Connecticut, one of the men in the room was a former captain of a nuclear powered submarine. But they can go to places like Grief Share which is a well known program that’s all over the country. The men will find that for every man that attends, there will be four or five women that attend, so they’ll be outnumbered. So I said, “Well, that’s not going to happen.” And I walked away. I went to Vanderbilt Medical Center and I had an examination with a psychiatrist. There’s a reason why the medical community has this help available. The older men are either frightened that they’re going to live alone.

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To see terms for this special offer and to shop all Brilliant Earth’s selections, just go to Brilliant So, I asked him, “What’s the worst part about being a priest?Or maybe you’re just curious about what this journey is like should you, heaven forbid, become a widower one day yourself. They face a problem and they want to put a remedy on it. My brother, Don, was traveling with his wife, Kathy. And after a week or two, maybe three, after the passing of your spouse, all the well wishers, the ones who ran to your aid, to your side, at the dark moment, suddenly go back to their lives. And it was unpleasant and stayed that way for a while. And he’s reluctant to ask for help because after all, he’s a man. And people say things like, “Well, why isn’t he back in the game yet? The second gentleman says to me, “Herb, my new girlfriend doesn’t like it when I even talk about my deceased wife.” So, I told him to get a new girlfriend. Not that we preach to anybody, but in fact, we celebrate all faiths. Brett Mc Kay: I imagine, okay, if you are a widower, first step is reach out, find some help, don’t try to do it alone. I had a vice president in the bank where I worked walk up to me and she asked me a few questions following my wife’s passing.No matter which group you fall into, we could all benefit from understanding more about the journey widowers take through loss, grief, and the effort to establish a new life. And Kathy said, “The little boy behind me is kicking the back of my airline seat.” Well, my brother did what every man would do. Herb Knoll: Well, depending on what research you look at, there’s approximately 2.7 million widowers in America. They’ll pause and then they’ll say, oh wait a minute, I do know one. Brett Mc Kay: Let’s talk about that grieving process. The third man actually said to me, “It’s not manly to have these discussions with you.” And therein, lies the problem. But let’s talk to the people who may be friends and family of a widower, what can they do to help and support? What can friends and family members of widowers do to help and support these guys? It was my first day to work, 10 days after my wife’s death.And unfortunately, siblings of widowed men, parents of widowed men, even with children think he’s got motives. People can draw a lot of cruel impressions but that’s why you can’t just rush into these things.You have to think it through because there are ramifications.Click here to see a full list of our podcast sponsors. And when his wife died, he was a man of great faith. ” He said, “The same thing that’s the worst part about being a widower. I’ve got to figure it out.” And the nurse said, “Well, you have to remove her remains by midnight because your insurance doesn’t cover her after midnight.” I said, “Well, don’t you have a morgue?

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