Pros and cons updating to cs4

It's best to expose a short list of options like this in a radio group.The radio group should always display a default selection.Explore the anatomy of a button and learn various ways to create custom buttons.

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Developers often set the control to appear selected by default to allow someone to opt-out of a requested action.

Grouped buttons are toggle buttons that save their selected state in a group (see Figure 4).

For best results, you should have prior experience using the Flash workspace and a basic understanding of working with Action Script 3 in Flash.

Buttons are a simple and fundamental part of web-based and desktop applications.

This type of button is called a radio button or radio group.

When you create a group of radio buttons, only one selected state is visible at a time.

The article is designed for all levels of Flash users.

The tutorial starts by providing beginning-level exercises and progresses to intermediate levels.

The structure of a button can be as simple as a single frame containing a graphic, or as complex as an animation that plays within a button's timeline.

Most commonly you'll see buttons in Flash use the metaphor of the four button states assigned to frames of a button symbol (see Figure 5).

Understanding the types of buttons available and how to use them opens up possibilities for creating engaging user interfaces.

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