Adult chat rooms for married couples - Question to ask women on first dating

NO joke that’s how we work, it really is that simple.3: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”Ok this is a great question because it does two things: the first is that it gives you an indication of who we are as a woman and what we want…It doesn’t mean she is the one, but by at least asking her this question it shows that you are also a man who thinks about the next part of your life.2: “Have you ever been told that you look like …(insert a gorgeous celebrity)”Ok, there is a slight rule with this one…make sure you choose someone who she actually remotely looks like…

dating b ases - Question to ask women on first dating

(remember guys don’t just aim to impress women , aim to impress women that are actually worth dating and investing into)And secondly, it also sends the message to her that you are a future thinker…that you are a man with a plan and it may very well include her!

Trust me before we have even met you we are already starting to work out if you are our future husband and by the first 10 -30 mins we are now starting to piece together everything….

The thing is they are also great starting points for conversation to get to know more about each other which helps make a date flow .

But if you are someone that struggles with conversation , then make sure you download our free conversation cheat sheet , which you can get by clicking on the image at the bottom right hand side of the screen .

In fact, if you ask her these 5 questions I am about to tell you, you will leave a lasting impression that will set you apart from every other guy.

I’m Renee Slansky for The Attractive Man Team, and in this video, I’m going to reveal to you the top 5 questions to ask a woman on a first date, that will have her wanting to know more about you on a second date!

It’s downright chivalrous behaviour and makes us feel like a damsel in distress, plus it gives us an excuse to text you first!

(which is what we secretly want to do if we really like you.)Remember one ofthe main impressions you want to leave on us, is that you actually care about our safety and wellbeing. We then already start to see you in the light of being a gentleman and a hero.

If you met online, you probably already know the answers to the old standbys. When a recent date led off with this query, I was genuinely caught off guard. After this tone is set, you’ll be able to see what someone pays attention to during the day. It’s the type of inquiry that puts the ball in the other person’s court – nay, it puts every piece of equipment in their possession because they can steer their answer in any way they choose, like detailing: It pulls out priorities without prying.

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