Quicken updating financial institution information stuck

It also eliminates duplicate options, streamlines user flows, and simplifies the functionality of managing the connectivity status for either Direct Connect or Quicken Connect accounts, and enables you to set the date range of transactions to download for Direct Connect accounts.Version 2.5 also addresses a number of bugs, fixing a hang when updating all accounts, resolving an issue where the sidebar would not remember the account expand/collapse state after restarting, fixing multiple issues related to QIF import from other personal finance applications, dealing with multiple display issues in the Calendar report, and fixing multiple Mobile Sync issues.

I'm posting here so I can hopefully hear when Citi has corrected the problem because I can find no official or unofficial Citi comment on the problem. Five hours ago, Jami stated, "The data connectivity team is still working to help clean up any transactions that were duplicated as a result of this issue.

This work should be completed on Monday." I am a new user to Mint as of today, July 27th, and am also having difficulty with my Citi credit card accounts.

The Citi bank/credit card accounts have not been fixed for weeks; only the balances were updated a couple times when Mint claimed that the Citibank accounts were all fixed.

None of the transactions showed up Wow, I spoke too soon saying my account was fixed.

Thanks for the clear description (debit vs credit - really? anyway for all my recent citibank credit card transactions (all via credit method) I'm seeing them all twice (once as a negative (debit) from my account and once as a positive (credit) to my account) FWIW my problem matches the description - all purchase transactions since 7/18/14 show up as credits (i.e. Sounds like you're lucky to have duplicates, at least you can delete the erroneous ones.

I bet I will end up with a section of incorrect transactions that can't be fixed. Most transactions for the current credit card cycle (started 07/10/14) are showing 2x: once as a debit (money I spent) and again as a credit (money returned to me.)Note that this issue was not occurring in my account until 07/21 or 07/22. So Mint has re-loaded reverse-copies of transactions back to the start of the cycle since the error started.

It’s that time of year – nearly spring, when a young man’s fancy turns to love, couples think about Valentine’s Day, and wage-earners think about..filing taxes.

And as their special Valentines to you, Intuit, the makers of Quicken, would like to give you a sunset.no, not a beautiful, picturesque sunset upon which to gaze with your intended, oh no.

Now, my pending charges are showing up as credits and Mint has re-categorized all of my July transactions.

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