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However, in the digital age, cheating means a lot more than whether or not you’re physically faithful.

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Many of us think of cheating as an obvious breach of trust, from kissing a co-worker to sneaking off to get cozy in a hotel room with your ex.

Following someone on Instagram solely because you think they’re hot is not as innocent as it sounds.

If you don’t know someone, but choose to follow them for their looks alone, you’re admitting your attraction and trying to connect, neither of which are exactly above board.

Yes, even the most faithful partners will occasionally check in on an ex’s social media from time to time.

However, if you’re constantly looking for updates and new photos, you’re taking time away from your partner with this social media cheating and are on a slippery slope toward infidelity.

While you may be safely behind a screen, if your partner saw that you were telling someone else how hot they were, wouldn’t you consider it social media cheating?

Many exes can be social media friends without incident.

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