Rachel bilson and scott porter dating

Zoe Hart (played by Rachel Bilson) and the gang in the The CW's Hart of Dixie series finale on Friday night.

As for the cast of the Hart of Dixie , they've been keeping busy since the show was canceled and forced to come to a close.

[].” Previously, Bilson was busy promoting motherhood by showing up at events for Alliance of Moms, an organization that helps mothers raise their children and even fights for taking care of children in foster homes.

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These three characters will be recurring for at least six episodes of the show, which is great news for Bethel and his fans.

Meanwhile, Rachel Bilson has had her hands full with a different kind of job—motherhood!

But the very talented cast has already moved onto other endeavors, even though they're sad that their days in Dixie have come to an end. Sounds like Bilson will be using this time off to spend with her adorable newborn. I can just see this little toddler waddling around the house."The 30-year-old actor already has a next gig lined up: He'll appear in 10 episodes of ABC's new drama series Astronaut Wives Club , which was developed by Hart of Dixie exec producer Stephanie Savage. Bethel has also created two webseries for CW Seed, the channel's online video platform: Stupid Hype is a nostalgic look at the '90s, while L. Rangers is about park rangers who aspire to work in Hollywood (above).

Here's what some of the cast is up to these days: The 33-year-old actress recently gave birth to her first child and her husband Hayden Christiansen, daughter Briar Rose, in November. According to an interview in Health Magazine, being a mom has always been on Bilson's bucket list. King is currently expecting her second child with husband Kyle Newman, a director who helmed the music video to Taylor Swift's "Style." The 35-year-old actress is pregnant again and glowing — and she doesn't care who knows it.

costar Adam Brody at an airport on Tuesday, August 13.“Ran into my ol buddy from jfk to lax #californiaherewecome,” Bilson, 37, captioned a selfie on Instagram that she took with Brody, 39.

The chance encounter attracted attention from Josh Schwartz, the Fox drama’s creator and executive producer.

Scott Porter bid the show adieu by tweeting “From our last #Hart Of Dixie Day.

To those pictures and to those not…I love you, fam! Although that show got cancelled after one season, Bethel’s fans will love his newest role!

I loved my show and loved playing Zoe Hart, thanks to everyone who watched [].”Meanwhile, the rest of the cast have officially expressed their farewell from the show.

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