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Carpet the stage so it is a little sticky and weird, and then shine some lights right in your face. But we kept our eye on the prize and soon the bus was skillfully packed.Who knew all those seemingly wasted hours of Tetris as a kid would pay off?Imagine yourself standing on a stage that is about 4 feet off the ground, and then put yourself on 3 foot stilts. After the show we had to swiftly pack up and get out.

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Our show started off great for the sheer fact that the Blazers had just won so the bass section was in particularly good spirits ;) We had a moderately sizable stage but almost every stage is too small for this traveling band of gypsies.

We decided to do our new stilt chair dance on stage, but once we got up there we realized that this may or may not go well.

Our very first giveaway was at the Belly Up Lounge in Aspen, CO, and the winner won because she got up on the bar and started gyrating like crazy!

It was that moment that I knew we were on to something.

At this point our bus officially became a clown bus, as we brought on 5 extra people for our journey South to la la land.

We left the fair city of San Francisco behind in a trail of diesel smoke and whisky breath.

Needless to say he was our least favorite trophy winner.

Then of course there were the two contenders in Whistler who decided to share the trophy since they each felt bad about out dancing the other. Or the times when the crowd just starts bombarding the stage, jumping up and filling the stage, grasping and clawing for their moment of fame.

We end up pulling a couple of rare individuals up on stage and they get crazy freaky, and eventually we choose one of them to take home the magnificent trophy!

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