Recommended etiquettes while dating

Getting married is one of the great joyous events in life.

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It is also appropriate to express gratitude, for sending-off relatives and friends, and to return a favor.

The most important thing in presenting a gift is to show intention.

Birthday Congratulation Etiquette: Birthday congratulation is actually congratulating on one's birthday.

When congratulating on an elder's birthday, you have to pay more attention to etiquette as there will be slightly more formality.

Moreover, Chinese people often avoid sending bells to elderly people and pears to a couple or lovers, as in Chinese language, "sending bells" have the same pronunciation as "attending upon a dying relative or burying a parent" and "pear" sounds the same as "leave", which is not auspicious.

Nor are you allowed to send medicines to healthy people and undergarments to friends of the opposite sex.The second category is the festival customs and festival celebration etiquette: including Spring Festival etiquette, Tomb-sweeping etiquette, Dragon Boat etiquette, the Double Ninth Festival etiquette, Mid-autumn Day etiquette, wedding etiquette, funeral and interment etiquette and birthday celebration etiquette.The third category is the business etiquette: including conference etiquette, negotiation etiquette, guest welcoming and seeing-off etiquette, and knowledge of negotiation taboos, etc.Do you know the meaning of the bouquet composed of red and white roses?Do you know that you should deal with lilies before you send it to a sick.It is the color of calamity and grief and mourning.

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