Research paper on interracial dating

Therefore, interaction rates among nationalities increases. So, many people understand that the frequency of races mixing is going to increase and it is accepted with these people.For these reasons, the issue of interracial relationships is very controversial because each side has strong reasons for either accepting or opposing it.

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In this case it is harmful because people are vulnerable to persuasion if the fact given to them appeals to their emotions.

Therefore it is not surprising that all four authors used this appeal to emotion device.

Usually people of color do not mind dating others of a different ethnic background as opposed to Whites, who are more against the idea.

However, there is still a large number of whites that do not mind.

Many say that the white race diminishes because of this.

Furthermore, many argue that the only reason a person of color marries a white person is to move up in social status.Now that the world is rapidly growing it is becoming more difficult to keep the different races separated.For instance, in the United States, each of the races described above reside here freely.When a White woman or man has a child with an African American woman or man, the child appears more Black than White.To clarify where this is going, “Families also argue that interracial couples re selfish for getting married because their children will have identity problems.”(Burnette, 2).This issue is also something that can be discussed by everyone.

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