Restore your ipod without updating

Just leave it alone Apple, and provide us with the high quality customer service we're used to when talking Apple. As soon as I did, I was told my phone was unlocked - without a restore. The suggestion PVA-92 gives sounds like it solves the original poster's problem. That way the person who purchases it can choose whether or not they want to update to ios 6.I've never had an issue going back to Snow Leopard from Lion for example, so I don't see why my i Phone has to be subject to restrictions. This sounds like it effectively allows you to complete they unlock process without upgrading! Erase All Content and Settings", waiting for the phone to restart, and then plugging into i Tunes gave the "Congratulations, your i Phone has been unlocked" message.

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i Tunes said it would restore and update to the latest software.

I didn't click past that point since I don't want i OS 6. Apple phone support told me I could restore without an update this morning, but when I followed the restore directions they emailed, i Tunes clearly said it would "install the latest i Phone software" so I stopped there. My AT&T unlock directions say to restore to unlock my i Phone, but I DO NOT want i OS 6.

As you probably know, restoring an i Phone means that all the data and settings will be deleted and you will end up with a fresh new iteration of i OS.

It’s highly recommended to backup important data, in case you need it later. Above you can find three methods to restore i Phone without updating, no matter if you have a newer or older device, or if you have jailbroken it, in order to release the operating system’s full potential.

After firmware has been installed you restore backup from last sync and you are ready to go. As far as I know, the method madmax_mfp outlines will not always work.

Ofcourse, before anything, sync it for last time and then do Shift Restore... You can't restore to "any firmware version you want".

There is a step during any restore where i Tunes checks with Apple servers verifying that the firmware file (even if you downloaded it from google) should be installed.

The server sends the confirmation in the form of SHSH blobs, a series of encrypted hashes, which i Tunes then verifies against the requested firmware file.

Right now, it definitely does not work for going from i OS 6 to anything older, like i OS 5.1.1.

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