Return to dating scene

Not only should you not think of him, you shouldn't talk about him to or compare him with any new man you meet.

Give the guys a chance, get to know them and enjoy the experience.

Have fun with the ones you get along with and don't take it too seriously.

Breaking up is hard to do indeed, but what might be even more difficult is getting back onto the dating scene.

You might be hurt from a relationship you thought would last forever or maybe you have trust issues because your partner cheated on you.

But after my last break-up, I thought I'd try new things so I registered on a dating app.

I haven't met anyone I want to be in a relationship with but I'm having fun going on dates.“Like most women after a break-up, I went through a phase of thinking all men are idiots and that I'll never find someone worthy of my attention,” Sandra, 25, confessed.“It took me almost a year but I eventually saw that it's not every other man's fault that my relationship didn't work, so I shouldn't 'punish' them for it.” ALSO READ: Before jumping back into the dating scene, you should spend time alone and get to know yourself again.Paul Chernyak is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Chicago.He graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology in 2011.Every experience in life changes us so your relationship would've changed you in some way too.

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