Rob and big dating game girls

Sexbots and AI are currently in the earliest stages of development.When the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane, nobody in their right mind would hop on for a ride.But 50 years later, commercial airliners took over the economy and everybody opted in.

In a mind-blowing "Guinness Book of World Records" chase, Rob and Big seek to officially rock the world with their record-smashing abilities.

Rob makes an attempt to break more skateboarding world records than the Guinness judge has ever seen in one day, and Big goes after a few records of his own.

And even if my book goes viral and is read by 3 million people, that’s still less than 1% of America’s population. It’s true that men must indirectly pay for sex by bringing some kind of material lifestyle benefit to the table.

But that’s not the same thing as a raw and direct money-for-sex transaction.

Drama, Rob's cousin/assistant, becomes the prime suspect so Rob hires a polygraph expert to test his innocence or guilt.

Another escapade unfurls when the guys decide to take a road trip up the California coast to enter Mini in a mini-horse show.

But once Smartphones normalized it in the 2010s, everybody signed up.

I believe this will also with happen with bots as AI technology advances.

I know there are some guys that tell girls they’re going to pay her but then try to stiff her at the last minute. I just focus on the curious girl-next-door types and show them a nice evening out for drinks.

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