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Mom begs for help for bipolar son, 10, who threatened suicide at FOUR Albuquerque, New Mexico, mother Jennifer Cristini first realized something was wrong with her son Gianni when he began throwing terrifying tantrums at 18 months, and wouldn't sleep.Did anyone notice how many times Wagner popped up during that tribute to Robert Osborne TCM did a few weeks ago? In 1962, Natalie Wood was the second highest-paid actress in the world (behind Elizabeth Taylor) and was...

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I can well believe that about Wagner and Newman, they hung out a lot in the 60s, and RJ was in a few Newman movies. Shame that once STAR TREK was optioned that RODDENBERRY chose not to use HUNTER since he was the FIRST Captain of the USS ENTERPRISE, having played CAPTAIN PIKE in the pilot which was filmed 50 years ago back in 1964, two years before the tv series was 'ok'd'. Lana Wood was a major source for Suzanne Finstad's biography, "Natasha". Never once did he give himself away and I'm sure he was aware that I am gay.

Wagner certainly fared better than his 20th century fox pal and co-star Jeffrey Hunter when they were both freelancing in the 60s. Well, JEFF HUNTER didn't play the 'game' at the studio. I can tell you this about JILL; though she and NATALIE had known one another since they were kids, they were slightly more than cordial. I have spoken to Suzanne and Lana, both before and after the book was published, and I am even thanked by Suzanne on the book's acknowledgements page. Regarding the Stanwyck-Wagner supposed affair, she sure had her fill of men with questionable sexual natures with Robert Taylor.

NATALIE met MART on the set of SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS and she hired him afterwards to be her personal secretary because she learned that he was going to be in need of work once the filming production was wrapped. LANA only 'confirmed' that she recalled having heard this from their mother. Lana was still living with her parents at the time and witnessed it all. She only saw the hysterics & knew the marriage was in trouble but NOT why nor what had happened. Again, it was her friend (Faye) Nuell who spilled the beans to FINSTAD. Remember when ZSA ZSA said that ELKE SOMMER was "damn near bald with about 4 hairs remaining" ? Of course, what ZSA ZSA said was an incredible stretch. Jill St John was the world's oldest starlet long before Wood's demise.

Additionally, it was during filming that the alleged incident of NATALIE finding R. Hey Anonymous- LANA was not told at the time it went down that her sister had caught R. I'd love to know RJ likes the peen but as I say above he just didn't ping. All idle gossip of course, but at least this info came from people working with him. I don't think she was working much before Wagner married her.

Perhaps Jeff was prepared to put out and let an old man slobber over him .... My friend didn't even realize Wagner was probably interested in him until I told him about the rumors. RJ lived with the much older Clifton Webb and his mum when he was just starting out in Hollywood. He was also one of Henry Willson's clients early in his career. In his book, RJ tells a story of Webb introducing him to Noël Coward at a party at Coward's house, and towards the end of the evening, after all the guests had gone, Coward made a pass at him, but RJ declined. Yeats ago (in the 70s) there was a book about gay life in Kansas City that mentioned Wagner being out and about at some of the upscale gay bars in the city. In fact, he was a bit macho and controlling of the women in his company. Also, Lana Wood is so angry with him I think she might have outed him as gay or bi by now. It was Lana who told her about Natalie catching RJ fucking their butler.

though Wagner when a pretty young golf caddy for the likes of Clark Gable must have had a few opportunites to get into movies. ) studios, he was lagging behind the tour group and got momentarily separated. RJ took and interest in him and was wanting to know all about his visit. Of course, RJ claims that Webb never made a pass at him(! Now what completely straight, young, handsome man would put himself in that situation? I always had the impression that Natalie was very comfortable around gay men. I nearly felt compelled to speak up about the manner in which he spoke to my sister and her Euro actress gf. Upon finding them together, Natalie smashed a glass and cut her hand. On one of them he's quite hilarious and does great impressions of some of the big-time stars of the 1950s.

Critics hailed her performance with such accolades as "never before has a walk-in affected the course of an established long-running show; she brought everyone to their knees". I had heard many many years ago from someone I trusted that Wagner worked as a caddy for, among others, Randolph Scott, who became his first "Mentor." And I do believe the story about Wagner and Walken on the boat, though I don't think that's the reason Natalie drowned. They understand one another and they understand compromise. Many who have worked with her have less than flattering recollections. " It nearly killed Natalie's career, before "Splendor in the Grass" revived it.

He was on an English chat show hosted by gay Paul O'Grady a few years ago now, when he seemed rather doddery and suddenly aged, Jill was with him and seemed to be acting as his carer. It was sad to see him so frail when he was such a hottle when young. My friend auditioned for the role of the bellboy in the Broadway production of Noel Cowards, Present Laughter, on Broadway. Robert Wagner was shallow as usual, and it even had Pearl Bailey as a Billie Holiday-type character. I've been around RJ a few times in Europe on set and in a very relaxed environment in the south of France and Switzerland.

Wood and Wagner were very close friends with Mart Crowley, who wrote The Boys In The Band.

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